How to Be a Good Friend

In today’s society, it seems a friend is someone you have on Facebook. There are very few people having personal connections anymore without any kind of technology between them. But it is those personal connections that are so fulfilling and rewarding. Online connections can leave you wanting and lonely because it is extremely hard to fully know someone from just their presence online.

So how are you able to be a good friend and make those personal connections?

1. Pray for your friend.

There are so many people going through so many things that just need prayer. Sometimes there is nothing you can do for that person but to pray for them. Some of my friends will know my life circumstances and I get random texts just telling me they are praying for me and it makes me feel so not alone. It makes me feel good knowing I was important enough to someone to be on their mind and they prayed for me.

2. Make time for them.

Even if it is five minutes to send them a card or text letting them know you were thinking about them. Have lunch or coffee dates. I had lunch yesterday with a friend that I haven’t got to spend much time with lately and it was so nice just to be able to catch up. We see each other at church but there is not enough time to actually catch up. We laughed and spilled our guts about what is bothering us and left encouraged. Making time for someone doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. It truly is the little things in life.

3. Listen to them when they talk.

I have been with people before that I was talking or telling a story and you could tell they were not listening. They were either on their phones or completely interrupted with their own points and stories and it plain just hurts your feelings. When someone is talking, it shows you care when you actually listen to them, and remember what they said. If they are telling you something is wrong, follow up with them the next day or next few days. It will make them feel special and they are more likely to listen to you when something is going on with you.

Friendship is a two way street. To have friends, you have to be friendly. Most of the time you are attracted to people you have things in common with. Build on that and you never know how deep that friendship could go!!

How do you make a good friend?

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